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      With the spirit of Self-Innovation, CML has obtained four patents and more than twenty copyrights.


      Intelligent Gate System

          With the utilization of automated data collection, comparison, and recording, CML has developed its own container terminal Automated Gate Portal to take the place of traditional manned gate portal. This new model avoids 30% labor cost, and successfully achieved automation functionalities to handle empty containers, loaded containers and empty trucks gracefully.


      Automated Road Detection System

          CML's self-developed vehicle mounted Automated Road Detection System led a solution to generate a Road Evaluation Report automatically with the assistance of a vehicle mounted road detection device. Comparing with traditional method, this brand-new model increases measurement accuracy, enhances efficiency, and releases us from many risk issues. Moreover, in collaboration with GIS data, we can obtain a well-structured Geographic Information database. Our system could handle measurement various kinds of faculties including but not limited to bridges, culverts, traffic lights, guide-boards and high-line with measurement error of no more than 2cm.


      Intelligent B/L Storage System

          In order to improve efficiency and accuracy of signing and releasing B/L, avoid the potential risk of misled by manual operation, enhance security to maintain the bill of lading, CML has developed an intelligent B/L storage solution -- B/L Intelligent storage system, designed and assembled totally by ourselves. With the data implementation of B/L Intelligent storage system and B/L control module, we have realized standardized management of issuing, releasing, and paperless receiving B/L


      AGV robotwarehouse

          The warehouse of CML Nangang deport is the very first warehouse adopted the technique of AGV robot management in CHINA. With the full solution,collaborated with full automatic pipelines of sorting, industrial vision cameras, AGV (Automated GuidedVehicles), RCS group controlling system, VTS (Visual Tracking) system and WMS( Warehouse Management System), we succeed in enhancing warehouse efficiency, accuracy dramatically, shorten logistic cost and time for most enterprises by sorting and tallying up automatically. This has marked the milestone of the completion of transform from tradition warehouse to a multi-functional,integral, modern, smart-grid service.


      Industrial UAV

          With the convenience of flight patrols, photography and surface mapping abilities provided by drones, we successfully introduced drones to commodity logistics and realized real-time monitor visualization of commodity, as well as digitalization of freight yard. Our project of Cargo Control not only achieved Intelligent service with CML features, but also enriched supervising model of supervising departments like custom and quarantine, and provided as much real time monitor data of field operation to other port enterprises.


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