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      Coastal Transport
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      Coastal Transportation

      Foreign Trade Feeder ServicesDomestic Cargo TransportationCoastal Empty Re-positionBreak Bulk TransportationSpecial Cargo Shipping SolutionOut of Gauge(OOG)Containers


      Coastal Transportation

      Focus on coastal domestic container transportation, supplemented by break bulk cargo transportation.

      Self-owned professional vessel management team.

      With rich transport network in North China, operating 14 lines in more than 10 ports.

      Integrated operation mode gathering transportation of container and break bulk.



      Reputed Class-A shipping company by Shandong Maritime Bureau in 2015

      Reputed Level 1 certificate of safety production standardization by MOC in 2016

      Reputed "model enterprise of double sys. construction" in 2017


      Vassed Capacity


      2013-2020 Container Volume (TEU)


      Route Deployment

      Operating feeder service with the coverage of Shandong Peninsula and Bohai Sea Rim Economic Circle. Connecting over 10 main ports in north Ningbo.

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