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      Recently, after twelve days of land and water transport, two earth-covered bullet tanks were successfully delivered to BASF Zhanjiang Verbund Site, which formally kicked off the prelude of China Master Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CMLOG) winning the bidding to provide related jetty service for the BASF Zhanjiang Verbund Site Project and last-kilometre transport for BASF.


      The team of China Master Project Logistics Co., Ltd. won the recognition of BASF with its professional technical ability, rich logistics experience in large-scale petrochemical engineering projects, sound quality control system and good reputation, and eventually stood out from many outstanding international and domestic logistics suppliers. Upon winning the bid, Li Songqing, Chairman of CMLOG, personally visited the Zhanjiang project site to make arrangements for future work, and attended the opening meeting for in-field transportation and terminal services, and communicated deeply with the managers of the BASF project.


      The first two earth-covered bullet tanks to arrive are new LPG steel storage units, one of which is be known as the largest storage volume and longest equipment earth-covered bullet tank in China. In future, the project implementation team will organize and design meticulously, and manage scientifically, make all-out efforts to ensure the safety and efficiency of every logistics link, and build this project into another high-quality case of China Master Project Logistics Co., Ltd.


      Join hands with the best to create a brighter future. Leveraging its competitive advantages of “vehicle, ship and wharf integration”, China Master Project Logistics Co., Ltd. will focus on key logistics fields such as large-scale petrochemical engineering logistics, international wind power transportation, nuclear power engineering logistics, domestic offshore wind power transportation, and gradually raise the company’s market share and industry influence, striving to become a leading enterprise in China’s new energy engineering logistics.

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